The ravings of a Loud-mouth Malcontent

The cake is a lie!!

Langdon Aulger
1 July 1987
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So, You've stumbled upon this forbidden space. It is possible that prolonged exposure to this journal may cause severe internal bleeding, ulcers, brain hemorrhages, hypnosis, severe dehydration, or immediate death in severe cases, but isn't that a small price to pay for high-quality senility and ranting of such a decent caliber? I like to think so.

So, let's get down to brass tacks here - This is my space on teh intarwebs and i fill the endless void that would contain my soul with words, lolcats, rants, countless amounts of bullshit, and hamburgers. yes, hamburgers. They taste good, and may be deadly to lesser life-forms. I'm 20 years old, stuck in the biggest hellhole in the universe, and i'm hating every moment of my current existence. So, if you hear some slightly "emo-ish" rants or sayings. Disregard them as nothing more than a temporary lapse of insanity :)

And I now have a Trillian account, so If you use MSN, AIM, or Yahoo, Contact -Astranged_Airman- to talk to me. Or if that doesn't work, try astrangedairman. One of those.