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The ravings of a Loud-mouth Malcontent

The cake is a lie!!

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October 22nd, 2009

Wow... It's been forever.

Shinra power
So, I just realized it has been over a fucking year since I updated this. All I know is it has been uneventful. I've spent it working at my good ol' job (I've been working at Starbucks) and wasting time trying to meet some new people. Other than that, Drinking too much, and watching too many movies, I've been doing jack shit.

on to current events - I'm trying to root my phone (I have a G1, and I loves it) and trying to get another job. I already have an interview done with T-Mobile (I just have to do a damn background check) and I'm pretty much promised a job at a record store (The manager almost begged me today lol)

So, What have you cats been up to?

September 6th, 2008

(no subject)

Shinra power
Tragedy is the modern motivator. Why is it? It is the propogation of human suffering. It is the dying dream of the lost artists in the days of poverty, famine and war. What happpened to gunfire being the muse, the misery of the people propelling them to cast the fires back at those who would burn them? The apathy that has placed the common world into a coma is what is paralysing us now. I refuse to be one of them, yet as one of the few, I am doomed to the same cruel fate as those that surround me.

Is this the world that I dreamed of when I was young? Definitely not. Is this the world that our parents wished us to be exposed to? I would say no, but this is the situation that we have been officially cast into by the previous generation. No longer is the youth the voice of the nation. Those that follow a group mentality and are deluding themselves to believe in change are the most lost. You are doing nothing to promote change – You are simply taking part in the flavor of the week.
The world is not like baskin robbins. There are things that need to be realized by even the lowliest of beings, and that is that change will not come on the back of some golden savior that says and looks just as you imagined him. The world does not go to the politicians or the rich… The world will sway to the whims of the dreamer, of the scribe, of those who would cast aside the commonplace apathy that has us locked into the chains that we cannot seem to break.
However, I am tired of wearing the chains of poverty. I am sick of bearing the lock of inactivity.I am weary from the famine. It is time for us to cast off the ball and chain of our forefathers. It is time for us to rise up like so many say they will, and when the chance arises, they judge it and write it off.
The time is coming for our voices to be heard, but not in the normal way that the public servant would say of placing your trust of people who have routinely betrayed the people. No – Our voice should be screamed into the courtyards of those who would oppress us. Let us take back the Republic of the people, like it was so long ago.

April 11th, 2008

Am I the only person in the gamerverse (Aside from Joel, Of course) that is not all like GTA4 AAAHAOMGWTFBBQRTSBBKING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I mean, Yes, I'm sure it will be decent and the gaming media will all trip balls over it and It'll sell like 35463087890 copies on the first day, but wtf.

April 10th, 2008

Good news in pairs?

Shinra power
As we, as the informed members of teh intarwebs know, there is to be a Strong Bad WiiWare Episodic game, Which is automatically made of 100% win, but that's only the beginning -

Guess who's fucking developing it -


You know what other episodic game they make?

SAM & MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I'm even more excited now than I was at the beginning... Come on june!!!
I love WiiWare already :)

March 8th, 2008

After waking up today (without a hangover, thank you very much magic hangover-free body :>) I went snowboarding. Granted, I had to ride in a van that smelled like wet dog and a man whose very existence I loathe, but I had so much fun because I found out that I don't suck that bad!! That, and I wasn't the one that hurt myself this time. Last time, I fucked myself up pretty good. This time, One of my Coworkers separated his shoulder and one of my friends bruised her hip.

Then tonight, I'm going to Boise to play in the tournament and pick up my copy of Smash bros!!!

...all this time and it's finally fucking HERE!!!!

So, I don't think I'm going to sleep tonight... I have to be at work at 5 so I'll be up all night playing and taking a nap later in the day.

So... yes. In approximately 3 hours I'll be the proud owner of a brand new copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl!!!


March 4th, 2008

So.... MGS4.

Shinra power
Apparently, the finished product is too fucking big to fit COMPRESSED ON A 50 GIG BLU-RAY DISC.

No. Seriously.


but sweet jesus... June 12th can't come soon enough. As long as I have Smash Bros. and Crisis Core to hold me over. Thank god for march!!!

Just thinking... My 360 is now getting a rest a bit now, along with my DS. amazing :)

January 28th, 2008

And my new job at Radioshack may be just what I need to make that dream a reality. I've been looking at parts already, but I can't come up with a strategy. I have one of two towers I really like right now (http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?item=N82E16811129025 and this one http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1779401&Sku=S457-1048)

I'm probably going to get all the parts in essential order, beginning with the case, then the motherboard and hard drive (I may get a solid state drive later when I can afford them :>) followed by the processor, ram, power supply, memory, a DVD burner, Video card (the most expensive and most unsure component at this point) and the sound card.

Probably around 500 or 750 gigs for the hard drive (I don't need a terabyte... or so I would think since I've been running on an 80 gig for 2 years) and I'm looking at a pair of NVIDIA 8800 GT cards, then stepping them up one by one to replace them with GTXs or whatever's new at the point, an Intel Quad core (The next step?) probably about 2 gigs of RAM at the start, then step it up to 4 later.

My dilemma is that I don't know if I want to buy it piece by piece until I have everything, If I want to have another credit on my record (If i even get approved for it), or buy the tower, Motherboard and hard drive full and them get cheap components and upgrade later.

I would just say 'fuck it' and just not do it, but I have everything else... and I mean EVERYTHING. After my phone, this is the last thing I need to be truly electronically complete.

my dream machine will be soon :)

Anyways, It's time to pass out. I'm fucking SUPER tired.

I have a fucking commander's call today at 2... lame.

January 25th, 2008


Shinra power

So, now I have a second job;


Yap :)

January 23rd, 2008


Since death and mourning can only be my subject for the day it is present (since the dead don't have to worry about all the bullshit) I bring you a new subject.

An independent study (by two freelance journalists :>) shows that a total of 935 false statements were made in lieu of the Iraq war and all the crap that the current dictatorship has put its people through (I say the numbers are a bit limp). I have a few questions, however -

1) How long did it take people to realize the evil shit this man has been guilty of since day one of inauguration in 2000? To further that one, How many people will dismiss this as more "Liberal slander"?

2) What say you now, Mr. Bush? How will you attest for the countless atrocities, Hundreds of lies that you've told and the thousands of soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors at the cost of your shit?

3) Will someone PLEASE GOD put the motions in to have all the members of this treasonous cabinet removed from office and forced to attest and atone for their crimes?

4) Will the history books change the factor saying that Carter was our worst president ever? He may have had the lowest approval ratings ever, but he wasn't a fucking WAR CRIMINAL.

5) Will George ever think back and realize that the dead men that fought unquestioningly for their Commander-in-chief's deaths are all on his shoulders?

6) When does the public get their apology that is 100% sincere and when will we get the announcement for resignation? Nixon may have been a terrible man, but at least he knew when to quit.

and finally...

7) When will the people who have squandered trillions on a pointless and unending war be subject to the people's judgment? The court may have their justice, but the people are the ones that now must live through the famine and imminent recession that these foul excuses for human beings have now left us with? I've never been a fan of angry mob justice, but sometimes it's the only way people get exactly what they deserve.

Saddam did the same thing you did in the form of lying and torturing his people leaving them to rot in poverty and depression. He killed thousands of his own countrymen. Bush may not have used chemical bombs in order to do so, but damned if he didn't find a more dragged-out way to do so.

When evil men get obsessed with power, they become worse then the ones they sought to dethrone. The only way these men will learn is the same way they have lived.

Live by the sword, you'd better be damn ready to die by it.

Heath Ledger

Shinra power
Couldn't believe the news this morning. Seriously.

Way before his time.
Still one of my favorite actors. I think I'll watch A Knight's Tale in remembrance.
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